Have You Tried Water Basketball?

The last post was a brief  introduction to water basketball, so here is a little more detail.

You may not have come across water basketball (or pool basketball as it is sometimes called), but it is growing in popularity in many countries. Most of us have thrown a ball around in the pool on vacation, so we are used to the general concept, but this game has added a series of rules and tournaments to make it an official sport.

basketballs-in-waterThere are different types of water basketball depending on where you are playing. Much of the difference comes down to the hoop. Some games involved attaching the hoop to the end of the pool, whereas others left it floating.

In 1997 in Slovenia a new method was introduced. The creators didn’t like the basket at the end of the pool because it allowed for kicking up off the side. But the floating basket was unstable. The alternative was to place a pole in the water that was one meter above water level but still firmly attached. This allows for stability, but means you can also go around the back of the basket during a game (a nice touch!). If you’ve ever watched a hockey game you know how fun this can be.

The game usually has five players on each team, but players can be taken in and out, similar to water polo or basketball. Much of the same rules as traditional basketball apply, so you can get started immediately. You might struggle to find a team in your local area, but it should be fairly easy to convince people to play due to the fun nature of the game. Many water sports are lacking in popularity until people actually play the game and realize how dynamic, fun, and exhilarating it is.

I also enjoy regular basketball and found there are some similarities in the training you can do for both. Obviously, water basketball requires a lot of stamina and swimming ability, but you also need this for basketball. Both games will need a tightly developed core, allowing for shooting, dunking, and overall play. A typical dunk will require explosive power off the ground, whereas water basketball uses more of your core muscles. You can still use many of the exercise techniques taught in vertical jump training programs, but be prepared to adapt them for use in the pool. The one benefit is that the basket is not as high in the water, so you won’t need as much vertical elevation to dunk.

So there you have it. Water basketball is a great game if you want to have a good time or want a strenuous workout. You will require stamina to play through the whole game, and you should notice your core getting stronger as you develop. You will need to work on your shooting and passing skills, and there is even the opportunity for vertical jump increases when dunking. Why not give water basketball a try?

Water Polo – A Fun Team Game For All

water polo

On this site, we will be discussing a lot of marginal sports that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Many sports are a whole lot of fun and very easy to play, but for some reason they never quite catch on with the public. Water polo is one of those sports that is great for fitness, teamwork, and is actually very fun.

Water polo might not seem as important as some other major sports, but it has a number of benefits. Firstly, it is great for fitness and skill. You need a lot of stamina to compete in a game, with your upper and lower body being worked on. Secondly, your ball handling skills will improve no end when you have to focus on controlling and passing the ball.

If you are new to water polo, the game is played in a swimming pool with a goal at each end of the pool. Two teams (7 players – 6 outfield and 1 goalkeeper) compete to score the most goals by getting the ball into the opposition net. The game was first played in Scotland but gradually became more popular around the world.

The game was originally intended to showcase swimming ability and stamina, so you can imagine the levels of both that are required. Because the game is played in a deep pool, you are required to float and swim for the duration of the game, though a game is split up into 4 quarters. Nevertheless, top players have incredible stamina and swimming ability.

If you don’t have the stamina to compete, you shouldn’t worry. At the beginner levels, the game is not so tough and you can take breaks where you are no giving it your all. Gradually you will develop the strength to be able to compete to a higher level.

From a teamwork perspective, water polo is similar to football, basketball, soccer, and other team sports. You need to learn the ability to understand what you teammates are going to do, building up a strong bond of understanding. Teamwork is great for life skills, not just sports, so it is something incredibly valuable.

Whether you want to play at a high level, or just want to have fun with some friends, water polo is a fun sport that can help with fitness, skill, stamina, and teamwork. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, you might find there is an active team that is looking for new players. Visit your local pool and look for any signs of upcoming events or lessons. It might just be the best decision you make this year.